Super Size Me

I’m sure you all have heard about Super Size Me aka the documentary about how eating McDonald’s every day is not healthy.

What Super Size Me is about

Super Size Me starts talking about how two teen girls sued the company because they realized that eating McDonald’s is not healthy, but they didn’t win because they didn’t show that the obesity and health issues that they were suffering were caused by eating McDonald’s.

So Morgan Spurlock decided that he was going to eat McDonald’s all day every day for 30 days to show the effects of eating in that fast food restaurant. SPOILER ALERT: it’s awful for you.

I wanted to watch Super Size for the longest time, and a few nights ago I finally sat down in the sofa and did it.

You can watch it on Netflix here

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I already knew that eating fast food is not good for you—it’s actually anything but good. They fry the food in these huge industrial fryers, they change the oil who knows when and all their food is highly processed (US processed kinda way). Yummy.

This is not to say that I’m not guilty of eating processed foods or fast food. At all. But we should be a little more conscious about what we put in our bodies. After all, we want them to last as long as possible, right?

In Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock compares his body and mental status in the beginning of the “adventure” and after. He takes blood tests and visits several doctors to assess his situation before starting his new diet so he can have actual data to show the health problems that can come with eating McDonald’s.

After three weeks, the Dr. basically told him that he should stop his experiment because he was in risk of suffering liver failure and he was sick.

He still kept going.

I have to admit that he was very brave to put himself in that situation for the sake of the documentary and to show in his skin what comes from basically eating crap every day. It shocked me how quickly his body started reacting badly to the huge amounts of fats and sugars (at the end of the documentary they tell you how much sugar he actually consumed during this experiment. 30lbs in 30 days. SHOCKING!! And 12lbs of fat—more than double what he should have eaten).

His girlfriend appeared on the documentary too. She is a vegan chef and you could see her suffering for the guy throughout the film. And knowing everything that he was going through the experiment is not surprise.

Super Size Me

Results of the experiment

He ended up feeling depressed, gained quite some weight and fell overall pretty shitty. As a result of this extreme diet he experienced all these symptoms:

  • He gained 24.5 pounds.
  • His liver turned to fat
  • He had an 11-15% body fat increase.
  • His cholesterol shot up 65 points.
  • He nearly doubled his risk of coronary heart disease.
  • He became depressed and exhausted
  • His sex life was non-existent
  • He had bad mood swings
  • He had massive cravings and massive headaches.

After Super Size Me he followed a detox diet full prepared by his girlfriend and it took him about 6 weeks to lose the weight and go back to being healthy again.


As I said before, I really wanted to watch this documentary. I know my diet is not great and there is always room for improvement. Excuses like time and laziness are hard to overcome, but I do want to find a way to make healthy choices for my body and my mind.

Do you guys have any advice on recipes that are quick, healthy and budget friendly? You can find me looking for some resources for the next few hours!

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