Outdoor Movie Night: Christmas in July

When I was a kid I used to spend summer breaks with my sister at my grandma’s. It was so much fun! We usually went to the beach in the mornings, and then spend the afternoon playing in the little park/yard that was in front of the building. When I grew up, I used to meet with my friends and go with our bikes somewhere. Or relax at the beach again.

Outdoor movie night Christmas in July

Once a week for a few weeks, the town organized a small open air movie night, and I used to like to go there. We didn’t go that often, but I did enjoy it.

And a few weeks ago I went again.

Of course, it wasn’t my grandma’s town. And there wasn’t a nearby beach. But it was good enough.

I wanted to get there a little early to make sure that we got some decent “seats”. I took a couple of towels and headed that way. It had previously rained during the early afternoon, but it turned out to be a very nice night with a perfect temperature.

Outdoor movie night Christmas in July - Elf screen

The Atlantic Station management was organizing a Christmas in July open air movie night. And it was so much fun! If you followed my Christmas Movie Challenge, you’ll know that there were some movies that I ended up not watching and Elf was one of them.

I don’t even know why I skipped that one. It was really fun and I’ll definitely watch it again! Now I can understand why Elf is a Christmas favorite for so many people haha

Outdoor movie night Christmas in July - sunset in Atlantic Station

And after the movie, they created some fake snowflakes, which was definitely a very nice touch. I almost wanted it to be Christmas again!

But, first, let’s enjoy the rest of the summer, amiright?

Outdoor movie night Christmas in July - fake snow falling

Now I wonder how could I miss this event the past couple of years. Why wouldn’t I want to go to a Christmas in July “celebration”?

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