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Oh, hi there!

I’m Mai and I’m originally from the north of Spain. I love chocolate, travel planning and sunsets, and at the moment I live with my husband in an apartment in Georgia. We have big dreams and I can’t wait to see what life has yet to offer.

My parents taught me to love reading and at some point in high school, I discovered a love for writing too. I wrote stories (fan fics, anyone?) and started several blogs, but I could never stick with them.

In 2015, while I was going through the (painfully long) process to get my Green Card, From Mai With Love was born as a place for me to share the things I love the most: traveling and baking. I also write about a bunch of other random things and thoughts, and I try to keep myself motivated and accountable by publishing my goals.

A few things about me

~ I was born March 24 to pretty young and cool parents and we moved quite a bit when I was a kid. When I was 16 we moved to a very tiny place and I had a really hard time dealing with that (and my teenage attitude didn’t help the situation).

~ I didn’t get my ears pierced until my 12th birthday. I begged my parents for a really long time, so I was stoked when they said yes!

~ When I was a kid I wanted to move to the US when I turned 18. I made my dream come true in January 2014!

~ I don’t usually wear make up on. The only two things that I wear on a regular basis is concealer and mascara. My under eye circles are so dark, it would scare people out!

~ I have never been in a job for more than 2 years. For one reason or another, that’s how it has worked out. Maybe that will change in the future?

~ I could spend all day wandering around IKEA. Seriously, though, I just love it.

~ I would love to be able to go on a road trip every month. If only I had the time and money…

I love: chocolate, traveling, pasta, IKEA, candles, reading, sunsets, good company, driving, movie + blanket + company, travel planning, DIY, shopping, organizing, making lists, the beach, sleeping...


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You can get in touch with me via email (mai[@]frommaiwithlove.com) or you can find me on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

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