30 Things on my Reverse Bucket List

I was planning on uploading another post today, but as I was sitting last night I thought about gratitude. I know that I have accomplished lots of things in my life, but it must be human nature to keep wanting more and complain for things that we didn’t get—even if it’s beyond our control.

A couple of months ago or so I came across the reverse bucket list concept. I already have a bucket list—actually a couple, to be honest—but never thought of doing a list of things that I already accomplished. Until today.

30 things in my reverse bucket list

Let’s see what I could come up with! 🙂

My Reverse Bucket List

  • Live abroad – twice and on my own. First 4 months in France and now in the US
  • Come to the US – a dream of mine since I was little
  • Learn a second language – I actually speak 3: Spanish, English and French
  • Fall in love
  • Go on a road trip – several, in Spain, France and the US
  • Travel alone – traveled 1600mi by car on my own for a concert. Crazy?
  • Go to a few concerts of my favorite band – Backstreet Boys all the way!
  • Get my College diploma + 2 Master’s Degrees – yay me! 🙂
  • Get the two Masters Degrees at the same time

Madrid panoramic view Círculo Bellas Artes

  • Experience total heartbreak
  • Be a volunteer – I just started teaching English as a second language
  • Go skiing
  • Have a pet — and take care of 16 “accidental” puppies
  • Start my own business – I’m building it right now
  • Get married
  • Appear in a couple of Youtube videos – my sister’s channel, check it out! (Main channel in Spanish, vlog channel in Spanish, channel in English)
  • Live with my sister – and we didn’t kill each other. Believe me, I never thought we could do that lol

V+M wedding picture

  • Go on a date with someone that I met online – the guy was 30 minutes late and the date itself was pretty deceiving.
  • Enjoy several different hobbies – crochet, music, friends, walking around, photography, making jewelry,
  • Visit the Grand Canyon – I want to go back
  • Ride a horse – in several occasions
  • Learn how to play the violin – OK, so I only went to classes for a couple of years, but always wanted to do it. And I’ll hopefully continue learning soon!
  • Go camping – several times. I love it!
  • Stay awake the whole night just to see the sunrise
  • 15 day road trip from Atlanta to San Francisco with my parents and my sister. A trip that I’ll never forget.
  • Learn to bake on my own, and enjoy it
  • Model – when I was a little kid, ha! (I’ll update the post when I can find that picture)

Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta Downtown

  • Meet someone famous – Ian Somerhalder and others from The Vampire Diaries + The Originals cast. I think other people too, but can’t remember.
  • Fly on a plane – when I was about 22 yo
  • Learn how to cross stitch – I should definitely go back to it, but I don’t have time for so many different hobbies

Phew!! That was quite a bit! It is difficult to think about things that you’ve already accomplished, but it’s definitely an exercise worth doing every once in a while when we get caught up on the things on our bucket list.

Think about how far you’ve come today and how much farther you’ll go tomorrow

What about you? What’s in your reverse bucket list?

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  2. Serena Reidy

    October 8, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    I recently did a post like this! Well done for achieving so much! I’d love to live abroad!

    Serena / http://ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Mai

      January 16, 2017 at 10:19 am

      Thank you for stopping by, Serena! Living abroad is one of the best things that I’ve done. It’s my second time around and, even if I miss my family a lot, I know it’s the right choice for me. Hopefully you’ll be able to do it soon! 🙂

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